During the month of December we have lots of fun getting festive. We enjoy making our own decorations for the nursery and lots of presents for our loved ones as well as calendars and cakes. We have an annual carol concert with the pre school children where parents can come and watch their children sing, we offer mince pies and mulled wine. The children love practicing in this event and get even more excited when we go to a local nursing home and sing to the residents there. We also have a christmas party for the children where santa comes and makes an appearance and gives the children a present. We have party games and a party tea, which the children really enjoy, parents are always invited which in turn lets the parents see what we get up to in our day. This also encourages parents as partners which is a huge part of the Early Years Foundation Stage, it is so nice to see the children having a fun time with their parents, carers and loved ones.

One of the most exciting part of our festive period is when we write our letters to santa!!!! The children post them in the nursery letter box and wait for a reply… all of the children receive a reply form santa in the post to their home address.