Thank you to all of our wonderful parents who joined us for Parents Evening last night. It is a great opportunity to have some time to go over how your child is getting on, what milestones they have achieved and where we are going to be taking their development next.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be uploading our first Tapestry ‘Story’ (report, review…what ever you like to call it). Once live, parents will be asked to give it a read and complete a parents comment section at the bottom. Once filled out we are happy to print hard copies for anyone who would like one.

We hope you are all finding Tapestry more parent friendly? We got lots of positive feedback last night but if you are unsure or cannot log on please do give us a call so we can get it sorted for you.

Here are some of the things parents said….

‘he absolutely loves bit here, always talks about nursery at home, so thank you so much! We love seeing everything on tapestry.”

“Im just happy that she is happy! That is all that matters.”

“I know he;s well looked after, I don’t have to worry at all when he’s here.”

“You’ve helped her so much in her development, she is definitely ready for school. Thank you!”

“I love Tapestry, its a great way of seeing her development and how she is growing.”

“We love it here!”

Thank you to all our wonderful parents, grandparents, relatives and carers for your continued support.