Tapestry in an online learning journal which Footsteps use to keep a log of your child’s development during their time with us. Parents sign a contract in which they agree to tapestry being used. Each tapestry user is individual to you and your child and is password protected.

Footsteps staff will add regular ‘Post its’ (we call these wow moments) and ‘Focus observations’, ‘Next steps’ will be added and updated on a monthly basis.

Additionally, children will receive a ‘My first day’ observation at the end of their first session and a ‘Baseline’ after a 6 week settling in period. Termly stories will be completed using the evidence generated over the set periods.

Parents have access to all of these observations and can comment with additional information or home achievements. Parents also have the ability to add full observations from home which can then be used as evidence.

All of our information for childrens development when using Tapestry comes from our curriculum that we follow which is the Early Years Foundation Stage. More information about the EYFS can be found here

My first day

This is an overview of a child’s first day including a picture, which is logged by the unit supervisor. Likes and dislikes we have noticed, bonds which have been formed, activities experienced and friends made. This is a great way to gain knowledge of a child and also gives parents something to remember and look at.

Next steps

Next steps are small areas of development that nursery practitioners will encourage and guide a child to achieve over a short period of time. We will gain evidence of these, which the child’s key person has observed as a next step in development. This can be something as small as identifying a single colour or putting on their shoes. These next steps are communicated with parents to ensure we meet the needs of the children both at nursery and at home. These are written as an observation and logged against the desired criteria going to be covered within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Post its (wow moments)

Post its are daily achievements, new experiences or progression in development. These are logged in short sentences sometimes accompanied with photo’s, all staff members based within your child’s room will log wow moments as they see them occur.

Focus Observations

Focus obs are a planned or unplanned observation where a child’s keyperson will observe your child for a period of time, logging evidence as it happens, these can be used to gain evidence for next steps, to record new experience or attempted challenges.

A baseline

This will be plotted after the initial 6 week settling in period by the chosen keyperson, this will be done using the EAR’s (Early Assessment Record) and any evidence gained within this period.

Progress trackers

These are completed and checked termly, staff make amendments to areas they feel are not in line with that child. These are then used to progress learning further and notice areas of delay or weak evidence.


Stories are completed every 6months as a small record of development. These are a summery of your child’s achievements over the 6months period. These can be shared with parents during parents evening and can be used to help identify next steps and moving forward in development.

Cohort Analysis

Management will complete room and overall cohort analysis each term after individual trackers are saved. This will be used to inform next steps, show areas of weakness within the setting and monitor any delayed or excelled learning. Management have the capacity to do gender specific cohort as well as age and key person.